GW30 Football Thread- Foxes vs. Minnows, Arsenal vs. Liverpool

Slavia fucking Prague ffs.

Keeper giving him the full blue steel put him off


State of these racist fucks.

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Really don’t know why I watch this team.


That slavia goal has given arsenal holes to climb out of

Arteta should definitely be walking once they’ve knocked us out next week

7 bookings when there wasn’t a bad foul and a ridiculous penalty

Like this:

Just needs a Morricone soundtrack

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Obviously the Arsenal squad’s not great or even good but not sure there’s a Premier League manager getting less out of the resources at their disposal than Arteta. Sacked if they lose this tie? Those wins over City and Chelsea in the FA Cup were good but otherwise there’s really not much there is there.

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Spurs will absolutely dick us on Sunday again.

Bruno looks dead

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Var in the European games is miles better. They just have a quick look and crack on

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Go out to big racists Slavia Prague or Unai Emery? Tough one.



Should have been a red have we learnt nothing:

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Dod it not turn out he was about 25?

Unsurprisingly I googled after I posted that:

Vodka mogul


god i hate that ballboy


I can’t help but like him. Lad got Hazard sent off that’s probably why he’s fucked it in Madrid haunted by a ballboy from Swansea.

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Always remember the lad selling it perfectly

Like he could’ve oversold that, but he played it 100