GW32 Football Thread continued. Leeds v Liverpool and Maureen NO TROPHIES and whatnot


:laughing: :sob:

Ouch, that’ll learn me!

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Brighton ripping chelsea to shreds. Giroud to score in a minute or two

Wayne Rooney’s Derby County’s Wayne Rooney experiment has gone very badly

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God it’d be lovely if they went down.

It would leave us with nothing to play for, so I’m on the fence a bit tbh

Woah. Derby v Wednesday on the last day! That might actually matter.

Had barely registered given all that has gone on, but Liverpool and Chelsea dropping points is huge :scream:

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Who’s your game in hand against?

West Brom, we’ll lose

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Hope you don’t, a 3 way fight for 4th place between Liverpool, Chelsea and West ham would be funny up until the inevitable point Liverpool get it


Oh yes please


Sky saying Spurs want Sarri

Jorginho to Spurs. Sounds spot on really, doesn’t it.

Spurs love hiring managers that Chelsea have recently sacked

Think I’d rather have avb back


Sarri’s a real tried nuthin and all out of ideas appointment isn’t he? Just a crashingly dull waste of everyone’s time.

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I’d like that to happen

But Ryan mason says he has been concentrating on letting the players express themselves so that’s good enough for me. get him at the wheel!!