GW32 Football Thread continued. Leeds v Liverpool and Maureen NO TROPHIES and whatnot

i don’t entirely know who ryan mason is but he sounds like a nice lad, good luck to him

Eternal purgatory

I don’t exactly think spurs need an Ole, but what they do need is someone who can talk to the players and knit them back together. Whatever Sarri is, he’s not that.

(He eats fags)

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Nagelsman and his nice coats is the one isn’t it.

Get a bit of the Sherwood era back when he wears his waistcoat too.

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They basically need an ole who can organise a defence but I think that’s Klopp and there’s not too many of them

Surely he’s nailed on for bayern now?

Would be a hell of a coup to get him at this stage

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Think Bayern might want a safer pair of hands than him but I’ve not really been paying attention

Think in terms of stature, Sarri to Spurs would be a much better fit in terms of replicating the kind of football Napoli played. No idea whether the squad he’d inherit would be up to the task though.

Weird how much his stock has fallen since Chelsea/Juve when he won the first trophies of his career there and did a reasonably good job at both (admittedly without delivering the football wanted).

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Is there a reason none of these clubs have taken a punt at allegri?

But he eats fags :weary:

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If Sarri could replicate the style of play he had Napoli playing in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons then I’m on board.

Napoli under Sarri in those two seasons were genuinely the most exciting team in Europe to watch.

Genuinely wondered what the company Marcel made for a minute there

It’s the Bielsa paradox. Think he’s so demanding and idiosyncratic, I just don’t think that players at the absolute top level would buy into what they’d ask. Get the right hungry crop at the next rung down - Marseille, Napoli, Spurs(?) - and it could work.

nah it’ll be Nagelsmann

course he does he could have gone to Harvard

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Liverpool announce Konate and Madrid announce Alba

Wonder why they were so quick to announce them

Nagelsmann’s a Bayern guy and presents Bayern’s only major threat at the moment, of course they’re going to hire him :wink:

City have leaked their Kun tribute 21/22 kit in similar scenes.

Is this the right thread to talk about Leo Varadkar saying the Euro games won’t be happening in Ireland?

Or is there a dedicated Euros 2020* thread?

He’ll be announced by Barca today then too :smiley: