GW32 Football Thread continued. Leeds v Liverpool and Maureen NO TROPHIES and whatnot

All held in England with fans is my call

Sure Bielsa at spurs would be great but Bielsa and Levy would never work would it

Yeah, seemed pretty clear that was the strategy from Govt/FA from the moment they went out with ‘all restrictions lifted June 21st’ ie the day before England v Czech at Wembley (final group game)

Wonder how many of the other host countries need to pull out before this becomes a reality?

All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur 2021-22 delivered as a 10 hour PowerPoint presentation

  • Football’s coming bloody ruddy home
  • Dumped out in the quarters, lockdown 4

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Bielsa forced to sit on a tin of paint rather than his bucket he lugs around with him



I’ve now asked all my Spurs supporting pals (all 7 of them) who they want as new manager. 6 of 7 said Graham Potter


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Some colleagues, yes. Some actual pals. One who is in both groups

(only joking m9!)



Guess who the odd one out wants as manager?

Sol Campbell


Tactics Tim

might need to narrow it down a bit!
Eddie Howe?

Tony Adams

Scott Parker


Cat Bin Lady

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Deadly Ledley?