GW32 Football Thread continued. Leeds v Liverpool and Maureen NO TROPHIES and whatnot

No one has guessed right so far

Currently managing in Europe

Insulted not to be consulted

I’m wary of poaching and squidding other teams managers, but let’s ignore that anyway. In rough order of preference, out of any feasible options

  1. Ryan mason
  2. B Rodg
  3. nagelsmann
  4. potter
  5. hasenhutl

I still reckon it will somehow be Southgate.
Or worse, levy’s vanity project part 27: joachim Löw

Could also see some sort of scotty Parker/ledley king/mason tag team which would be fun but awful





Correct :white_check_mark:


This is a Netflix series that I now intend to pitch

I’m convinced that Spurs are completely fucked financially.

How is the ground debt plus covid relief debt serviceable outside of the champions league, how do they keep players when not in the champions league, how do they replace the players if they leave with quality that gets back into the champions league if they can’t compete wage wise due to the debt.

Seems a real mess.

They must’ve been holding out for the superleague for the naming rights to the stadium now that’s gone and they’ve missed out on a years worth of the lesser money that they’ll now get by waiting.

Spurs fans is there something I’m missing?

read somewhere that the stadium debt is stretched over something like 25 years, and they’d make more money now (with fans in attendance) than they would have at Shite Heart Lane even with the repayments.

Schalke fans were happy last night then


Death of football confirmed :cry:


Aw man.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1382088052198244352|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&

Can’t wait for us to sell him and buy a few washed up ex premier league lads!!!

@safebruv the loan is something like 900m to repay but over 30 years.

Obvs a big part of the budgeting was relying on stadium hospitality revenue, nfl and champions league which has all disappeared for the moment, but from my layman perspective I don’t think it’s unserviceable.

Also joe Lewis is worth something like 5 billion and is about 100 years old - I’m fairly sure he could cough up some pennies if push really came to the shove. He is a massive fan after all…

was joe lewis the bloke who wanted to get tottenham stadium staff gardening on his estate rather than furloughing them?

Rich people are amazing aren’t they :rofl::rofl:

“Terry from accounts is being furloughed”
“No no no let’s get him round to polish the silver”


Probably . Literally all I know about him is that he lives in the Bahamas (tax free) and has a massive yacht that the players love

Boyhood fan, hasn’t put any of his own money in, Don’t think he ever goes to games :person_shrugging:

Billionaires are fucking weirdos

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Jamie redknapp leaked voice note…that escalated quickly!!!

No idea if it’s real

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If you’re going to fake Redknapp at least chuck ‘literally’ in a few times.

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Quite like none of the 6 teams to ever win a game again:

I await the equaliser and win for Spurs now