GW32 Football Thread continued. Leeds v Liverpool and Maureen NO TROPHIES and whatnot

Can anyone confirm if one goal is enough in the premier league?

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Miles off.

I mean why does the on field ref have to even look at that fs.

Blatantly outside.

A glorious victory for everyone’s favourite top 6 super club


Wycombe one down and Mainz just netted - not great

Was it given for the foul outside the box or for handball?

It was on or just over the line. Looked like a good decision tbh

Devastated for the good of the game and all non-evil teams everywhere. Pleased for my fantasy team.

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With that win, Ryan Mason has become the first manager to win a game in the Prem with the name ’ Ryan Mason’

you dick


inter and juve both losing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I regret nothing.

Man City losing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Squeaky bums

And nowwwwwww you better believe usssssssss


is the big man still logged in


:musical_note: is the big man, is the big man, is the big man still logged in
iiiiis the biiig maaan still logged in :musical_note:

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