Playing at Motion in Bristol (and presumably elsewhere). October 30th. It gets better…Bardo Pond are the ‘support’!!!


That seems to be quite an incongruous pairing! But then, bills with two similar bands can be boring. Just like this ultimately inconsequential post.

I meant MY post, not the OP. Yes.

London Troxy on 31st October too

Fingers crossed for the NW. Bardo Pond are so great live. Once saw them support Mogwai and absolutely slay in terms of volume.

Fucking Victoria warehouse tho

Uuuurgh. Kinda wanna go


Definitely stinks of Hogan, as the warehouse are funding it guess it shouldn’t get cancelled though

yeah that’s a dead good lineup so far


If they get the order correct so godspeed finish at 10:30, then it’s the field, demdike etc until 2… :money_with_wings:

£20 anorl :sweat:


Ben Frost!

Saw him support Swans a couple of years ago. Phenomenal.

Currently looking into a weekend trip up north…

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Spare room at mine if needed :thumbsup:


Yep I saw them at the GYBE ATP and they were amazing then. BAA is such a top album. In fact, all their albums are pretty consistent in doing what they do well, without being boring.

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Gigs at the Victoria Warehouse are a complete waste of time. Never not dispiriting.

I’ve not been but only heard bad things. The line up is superb though…

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I went to Cosmosis Festival last year. Superb lineup:

Jesus & Mary Chain
Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Raveonettes
of Montreal
Allah Las
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Ringo Deathstarr

Plus some awful bands that a lot of people like, like Sleaford Mods & Wire.

But the atmosphere is awful and the sound is abysmal. Don’t let the superb lineup sway you: You WILL be disappointed.

At Koko? God that was an impressive set.

Glasgow date announced too:

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That’s the one! SO good.