Gym advice and that

Soooo I’ve decided to further plough some cash into myself and am trying to decide between two gyms.

I’ve decided with myself that I’ll do monthly only which gives me an easy escape route but…

I have two options (that I want to choose I mean).

The first is Nuffield Health in the city. Its a gym I was a member of before, and sits on the bank of the Thames. A large proportion of me signing up will be because of the pool, sauna and other spa facilities. It’s very close to my workplace, but I’m not entirely sure how often I will go into work anymore. The equivalent Nuffield Health that’s near me which I could also use off the back of this is a lot more utilitarian. However, I can get a 20% discount on this place.

The second choice is Virgin Health. The one that’s near my home looks absolutely gorgeous, and is super easy to get to especially given I cycle. However, to benefit from both it and the one closer to my work place I’d have to sign up to the more expensive gym near my work. That said, if I am to continue cutting out on certain things (booze) the cost really doesn’t matter to me if it helps me with my life choices.

Tldr wwyd? :eyes:

As a frequent gym-shirker I’d go with ‘easiest to get to’, since then it’s harder to come up with excuses not to go. The most I’ve been to a gym was when it was 2 mins away from my front door. I had gyms close to work but rarely went because work made me tired and lazy and that was a good get-out for me.


Just to be contrary, I’ve found I go out of my way to get the gym more if it’s a bit further afield and I’m spending more on it. If it’s too close to home or cheap it’s easy for me to put it off till tomorrow. Not sure why this is how my mind works.

That Virgin pool looks incredible. I’d be there all the time, but doing very little exercise.

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For me when choosing before it has come down to what’s the bar like?

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Yeah, it’s in a converted church!!

I think I’m leaning towards the virgin one because also I’m a creature of novelty and I like new experiences.

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Assuming they kept the original pool but replaced the old shabby walls with lovely brick arches.


I’ve been a member of virgin active and I can vouch for the quality of their gyms at least

Mine also had a separate women only gym that wasn’t obligatory to use but was strongly appreciated by some, don’t know if that’s the same everywhere

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Thanks folks!