Gym thread



What’s your current routine?
Anyone use the rowing machine? I’m intrigued as to what constitutes a good workout on the rower


I got to a gym that only does classes, no actual gym shit.

Monday - Bootcamp (1000 calorie workout!) followed by a spin class
Tuesday - spin class followed by Yoga
Wednesday morning i’ll do bootcamp again but only a 40 min one.
Thursday night either spin or bootcamp if I can be arsed or i’ll rest
Friday is a themed spin class
Saturday I do bootcamp followed by Spin, but now they’ve added in peloton so I may start doing a triple on a Saturday.
Sunday I die. But I will probably go to candlelit yoga.

I average about 27 classes a month. I am still not very fit.


You go every day?! Impressive.

Edit - didn’t read post properly.




I try to! Like I book in to go every day but the reality is i’ll usually rest on Thursday eve (usually meeting up with a friend or my mum) and Sunday.


Mon: Don’t go to gym
Tue: Don’t go to gym
Wed: Don’t go to gym
Thur: Don’t go to gym
Fri: Don’t go to gym
Sat: Don’t go to gym
Sun: Don’t go to gym

Still fit and hot 24/7 though


I go sometimes out of guilt


Well I don’t think I am but surely I must be. I push myself every time and I end up fucking knackered. Suppose you’ve always got to have a challenge?


In 1978, no one died.
In 1979, no one died.
In 1980, someone died. I
n 1981, no one died.


Also sure that that you must be :slight_smile:


I’m also a fucking pig who can’t stop eating tho so…


used to go but now I am a fat blob and ok with that


Climbing gym 3 or 4 times a week. Have free weights at home so do a mix of press-ups and shoulder weights on ‘rest’ days.
I can describe my climbing gym routine but I don’t know if it is of much interest to anyone beyond (or even including sadpunk).


Never have I ever been to a gym


Had a gym membership for a bit. Hated everything about it. Football 3 times a week plus a couple of decent sized runs/bike rides


same but not football

or running :nauseated_face:


Or runs


Spent a decade in the gym every lunchtime and usually after work too. Stopped it and felt and looked instantly better within a month. I think it was making me more mental rather than less and it definitely became like an addiction/ obsession.

I still do plenty of exercise but just not that kind. Sometimes I think I’d quite like to go to the odd pump or spin class but I’m quite afraid of getting suckered in again.

the gym I used to go to had people who cared so much about what they looked like while they were doing their workout (like women huddled round the mirror in the changing room applying setting spray over a full face of makeup so it wouldn’t run in pilates etc) and guys with loads of fake tan and silly topknots.

Now I’ve moved house so not near that gym anymore, but not sure I can be bothered to go to local gym which is a mammoth council run thingy.


Do lots of stuff, but recently obsessed with squats

Can do 405llbs for 3/4 ass to grass back squats and it makes all the super hench steroidy guys with noodle legs look on in sheer amazement/fear


Keep meaning to do push ups etc. To get a bit of strength for footy but can never be arsed