Habits/behaviours you WISH your parents had ingrained in you


…but they didn’t.

  • Responsibility for personal finance


The importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.

  • Being on time


Mine did try this, in fairness to them


Doesn’t really matter if nobody’s going to show up anyway, tbf.






The ability to socialise normally


good posture


Definitely this one for me


playing the piano


Going to the hairdressers and not relying on my mum’s frankly shit hairdressing skills for 18 years.


looking after my health
not eating crap food
not drinking too much
being ok to talk about my feelings
being nice to people
being confident


A dislike for prodigious alcohol consumption.


My mum maintains my posture is bad compared to my sisters as they went to ballet, while I went to Woodcraft folk.


Some ambition beyond ‘working in an office’.


This. Even now I’m really awkward in social situations, especially meeting new people.


long term thinking/planning.


Yup, ditto that. I don’t think I can remember a single occasion where my parents went out with friends or had friends round when I was growing up. My Dad in particular is very socially awkward and I definitely have that as well.


Yeah my mum and dad are very much homebirds, dad especially. Nowadays their lives literally live around my niece and nephews.

As a kid I had a very small group of friends I played football with at the rec, but that was about it.

We’ve met, you and Stu(?) seemed a lot more outgoing than I was.