Habits/behaviours your parents have ingrained in you


…and you just can’t seem to shift. Mine would be…

  • Distrust of anyone with a weak chin (I come from a family of people that my Dad says has ‘jaws like a zookeeper’s boot’)
    -inability to wash woollen jumpers without shrinking them
    -suspicion of any chicken or fish that isn’t plainly overcooked
    -hatred of short-sleeved shirts (my mother said they were common). I bought myself one in the summer and could almost hear her tutting behind me in Zara


Noticing a behaviour or mannerism that I’ve inherited from my step-dad is one of the worst feelings I know.


Dissatisfaction with any of my achievements.


An insistence on fixing (or at least trying to fix) something before throwing it out. Have ended up dismantling mixing desks and guitars without knowing what I was doing before, all thanks a stubbornness and technical confidence I’ve inherited from Dad.


pick n mix is a rip off only a fool would entertain




Making every holiday an educational delight with daily itinerary.

Having Sunday dinner/lunch at eight at night at the earliest

Buying loads of books


Banning chocolate advent calendars.


Eating everything on my plate, even if I’m not hungry, even if I don’t particularly like it, and especially if it’s expensive (“Just finish your meat!”)

  • terrible habit of answering questions that I don’t know the answer to. If I say it with confidence, it must be right! my dad is the chief of bullshit


A love of Ordnance Survey maps

  • Being late to everything ever


I definitely get my tendency to internalise my feelings from my Dad


Remember coming home from school when I was 13 or something and saying “mum, I got 97% on my maths test!” and getting the response “what did you get wrong?”

Yes I have mentioned this to my therapist, thank you for asking.


Was going to write a long response to this but figured it get quite heavy quite fast so I won’t*

*I realise that I am therefore internalising this issue, sorry



tendency to be very dismissive of other people’s habits and behaviours

eating bread with every meal


avoiding physical contact (esp. hugs) unless absolutely necessary


My gf has this massively, her Dad once told her that he would have preferred her to get 80% than the 99% she got on some school thing, just yesterday she was moaning that her Masters level Distinction she just got the results for was tarnished because her dissertation was revised to 87% from it’s initial 90%…


god, imagine treating your child or anyone you cared about like that.

edit, thought you said her dad said her masters was tarnished.


never take anything seriously