Hablar basura, ser golpeado - The Weekend Football Thread


City’s blip starts with a first defeat of the season at bogey team Leicester. North London Derby at lunchtime. Pog’s back to destroy sorry Newcastle.

Cheeky Serie A double-header tomorrow, a Rome derby followed by Napoli v Milan. The latter clases with the Madrid Derby.




  • Stuttgart v Dortmund
  • Preston v Bolton
  • Amiens v Monaco
  • Almeria v Zaragoza
  • Girona v Sociedad

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Sat eve:

  • Roma v Lazio
  • United v Newcastle
  • Fulham v Derby
  • Feyenoord v VVV
  • Hertha v Gladbach
  • Sevilla v Celta

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Sat night:

  • NAC v Ajax
  • Napoli v Milan
  • Atleti v Real

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I wonder if he had to mock that image up himself, or if its been around for years

Probably the latter.


yeah, its weird to see david icke be unintentionally right about something


Tomorrow lunchtime is gonna be pretty miserable, ngl. Have a feeling we might scrape a home draw, but it’ll be one of those very disheartening draws where you really deserved to lose by 2 or 3.


Reckon we should change our badge to that


Is this Lennon who provides the assist for Keane here?

Worra pass


it will be the most 1-1 ever.


Feel like Napoli v Milan might be a bit of a shellacking




Waking up on Sunday morning, downloading and watching the North London derby, United-Newcastle, Rome derby, Madrid derby and Napoli-Milan. Slow cook curry on, couple of cheeky beers. Lovely.


“1/2 Final”

Not even going to click it.


Chris Coleman to Sunderland.

Get your money on Sunderland going down.


Come on


that counter attack was a Nice Football Goal.


Berbatov :’(


I’m going to watch a video or two of him doing football, now. try and absorb a bit of it into my body.


remember when he did a hat-trick against Liverpool? I’d forgotten about that.


Shame it didn’t really work out for Berbatov at United. Great in that 10/11 season, but otherwise struggled a bit. Like with Robinho i guess it shows that throwing big fees at ego players late in the window isn’t always the best idea.