Had 2 ideas for threads

One was one I think would be a goer but I can’t remember what it was

The other was about whether dating a porn star would bother you

gonna put this here so it helps me remember the other thread

feel free to discuss dating a porn star

does this count as a thrid idea? don’t think it should really

nah I wouldn’t have thought so really

I had a great thread idea a couple of Saturdays ago after a conversation with someone at work. I thought ‘I’ll save this for the week, it’ll be a classic’. Come Monday I’d completely forgotten about it - am still trying to think what it was.

Monday morning thread?


have you ever known many chefs? all the ones I’ve been pals with spend all day cooking amazing food but by the time they get home they cba so end up living off pot noodles or beans on toast

so going with that logic I reckon pornstar partner wouldn’t care that I was a crap shag


Yeah, I work with computers but will I fuck fix your laptop for you.

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Yeah I’d be fine with it


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Probably better than dating/sleeping with someone who just wants to act like a porn star in bed. Jesus wept.

Was it my moustache? :sweat:


dating a porn star would be like dating a doctor i think, like they’ve had their hands in someone else but it doesn’t mean they love you any less it’s just their job

did you keep saying you were a plumber there to lay some pipe?

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Or the bass player who accompanies you everywhere.

I was just trying to fix the sink

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Always nice to take an interest in your partner’s work.

Hard day at work, darling?

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almost made a ‘things people are always banging on about that you don’t know what they are’ thread coz i keep hearing people talking about ‘cane and rinse’ like it’s something they’d expect other people to know