Had an absolute mare

Just bought a new laptop. Turns out its a notebook and too small for me. Can’t take it back now.


Pretty sure you should try. If you bought it online I think you definitely can. If not they could well give you credit for the bigger model?

I reserved it online but theyre saying because the security seal has been opened they can’t accept any returns

Anyone in Manchester want a Notebook?

Pretty sure even if the seal is broken you have the right to return (as it isn’t a CD, or software).


It’s just the tape keeping the box together, and it needed breaking to see the item yeah. I got it from Argos, I’ll have a look further into this

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Would possibly fall under the cooling off period rules if it was bought sight-unseen (which it clearly was because it was reserved online, come on reading powers!)

Yeah :frowning:

* a CD, DVD or software, if you break the seal on the wrapping#

ie something you don’t have to open to see the thing

you can take back a laptop you doughnut

Ah, that’s just Argos’s rule about their 16-day money back guarantee I think. They are still bound by the normal rules of sales that @tilty mentions so you should be fine to bring it back to make the point that you ordered the wrong size. The fact you can only order via catalogue is obviously in your favour.

Not sure they’re obligated to give you cash, though, so may be Argos vouchers?

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not seen many DVDs come in clear packaging tbf

As long as you take it to a store with proof of purchase within 30 days, as per their returns policy on their website they will refund you the full amount. Only certain items are non-refundable and laptops are not one of them (I looked at their online catalogue and could see no fine print about this as the returns FAQ suggested I would if it were to be a problem).

@TKC just bowl in there with it and your receipt, reckon whoever’s given you this information is misinformed

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They’re trying to play u like a fiddle,son! Return that motherfucka! This ain’t grandma’s new laptop, I know my rights!


it says both on the receipt and I asked online via the help chat as well. Wish I didn’t ask online, would’ve just claimed there was no charger with it

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Honestly mate, they are just giving you shit. take it back to the shop.


Yeah I will tomorrow

CHeers all, especially @anon34135029 for their detective work on my part!


No drama, hopefully I’m not hilariously wrong! You’ll be fine

You could buy a second one and tape them together


Once broke a tablet from the carphone warehouse After having it a day. Pretty sure I must have sat on it. Argued with some 20 year old for 20mins that it came like that in the box and he was refusing to refund and in the end got the manager who just refunded me immediately. Felt a bit wrong, but at the same time 1-0 I_o_S