had an iced latte right


and it’s literally just a coffee but with ice cubes in it to make it cold. Not good! Why would anybody order this?


Because they don’t really like coffee, would be my guess.


hot latte is nice but it’s too warm out today. I was expecting some whipped cream in it or something. Maybe coffee is one of those flavours that’s only nice when it’s hot


because they saw two colleagues getting off with each other, obvs.


Cold brew coffee (you make it from cold) can be really nice.


sorry I don’t get it


i just finished mine. it’s free with O2 and it’s a nice day so i wanted a cold drink. also it’s nice.

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is it just a slightly cool coffee with some ice cubes in it? Do you think the Nero people made it wrong?

Nah can’t be as Nero are the best of the coffee chains


that’s a frappe thing or something

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Foppyish here with one of the best ever posts on DiS.


mine was from Nero. yeah it’s cold coffee, hence the name. it’s good.


Better latte than never though


please leave


tasted kinda salty to me. Maybe coffee is kind of a salty taste but the heat masks it normally


can’t believe I’m in here when I’ve got 8 seasons of game of thrones to watch in 6 days :frowning:


mine wasn’t salty. it’s slightly sweet but not massively, you can get those syrupy flavour things in it which would probably make it quite nice but they cost extra

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Quite like iced coffee. No milk though thanks


I had a iced cherry mocha with whipped cream the other week and it was really delicious, like drinking a cake. My friend was buying though so I didn’t want to be so extravagant


My problem with those things is that most coffee shops also sell cakes, and I would prefer to eat a cake than drink one.


Yeah I’ve made that mistake before, thought iced coffee and those frappe things were the same but they are not