had an iced latte right


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Maintains eye contact while slowly and deliberately dissolving a millionaires shortbread into a massive cappuccino.


Nah, you need a hot drink on a hot day to regulate your ‘core’ temperature apparently or some other shit science that wankers believe…


Yeah that’s true, could buy a whole birthday cake from tescos for that and eat it in the coffee shop toilets.


I mean primarily you are in a coffee shop for the coffee though

As this was a Bam thread I originally read the title as “Had an iced bath last night”.

I’m very tired.

Oh yeah, no doubt. But it would definitely enhance the experience to enjoy a great coffee and then secretly undercut their shithouse cake prices.

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quite like an iced latte every now and again when it’s warm out

also this is the good stuff

also this


i don’t really see it as “coffee” though, more a milky drink which tastes a bit of coffee, probably with sweeteners

cold brew tho, :ok_hand:

All lattes are disgusting.


Can’t believe youve passed up the opportunity to talk about cycling

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i try not to have too much milk on long rides cos it fucks my guts up which is a shame because a perfect mid-audax petrol station visit is a packet of frazzles and an iced coffee

can you recommend a good coffee which isn’t too hardcore like straight black coffee and also a commoner like me can pronounce? Might try a cappuccino one day but I don’t really know what that is

Think you had a Jimmy’s when you were flagging on the Stockport 200. Immediately went from wanting to get a train home to riding off the front. Restored you

Coffee with milk and chocolate flavour I think. You could try a flat white, think they’re nice.

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I like cappuccino because, once you get under the froth, it’s not sickly milky like a latte is. And chocolate sprinkles are nice! Easy to pronounce- Cah-puh-chee-no
If you don’t consume animal milk then this is also a great one as oat milk whips up really well for a cappuccino.
A flat white is like a cappuccino without the froth. For some reason I just don’t like it.

Obvs some coffee nerd is going to come along now and tell me this is ALL WRONG, but whatever. Seems like a fair description to me.

I think my fave is macchiato (mah-kee-ah-to)- it’s like a strong baby cappuccino- or like an espresso with a frothy head! It’s gone in about four gulps, and that works for me.

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thanks pal!

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why have restaurants started serving hot chocolate for kids but calling it a ‘babyccino’ or ‘bambinoccino’ and stupid names like that? i’m absolutely not on board.



Here’s a crazy “did you know” fact

In 2008, Farmers Union Iced Coffee outsold Coca-Cola in South Australia at a rate of almost 3:1, with South Australians consuming 36 million litres, making it the only place in the world where a milk drink outsells a cola product, and one of the few places where Coca-Cola is not the most popular locally consumed bottled beverage, a success shared only by Inca Kola in Peru and Irn-Bru in Scotland and various drinks in nearly every Asian country

Blew my mind when I read that. I like an iced coffee, but I can’t comprehend people buying iced coffee in a carton in greater numbers than Coke

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