Had an idea for a novel

Dark side of the American dream. Reckon it could be a winner. Thoughts?

I just had a novel about an FBI sheep advertised at me so I think tried and tested is probably the best way to go


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I’m thinking of writing about a boy and his life and as he gets older he learns lots of lessons, not all of them immediately obvious. I was thinking of not really having an ending as such but just have him talk through some stuff related to the things that happened and then the reader can interpret it how they want.

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Kik’s lunch memoirs

A chap I used to work with writes very poorly reviewed Kindle thrillers now. He must churn out three or four a year and has never been disheartened by the fact that most people who read them find them appalling.

Wish I was that thick skinned.


You could call it… The American Nightmare

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you must get the hang of it eventually though?

Beowulf in Paris

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Federal Baareau of Investigation (sorry)

I would like to wrtie some erotica at some point in my life.

Brilliant idea! I’ll jot that down, thanks a lot!

Go on then.

Don’t tell me what to do.

That’s not my fetish.

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Would it helped if I…watched you write it?


A friends sister-in-law apparently writes erotic fiction. He keeps telling me this when he’s drunk and then forgetting he’s already told me this story

If you wrote it in jizz and then put it on a radiator would you be able to read it?

Have you read any of it? Sounds like he has many times.

I have a half finished screenplay called ‘Burp!’. In it, a middle aged man learning to burp for the first time learns something about himself as well

Does he make any money from it?

Self-publishing books has become like any other grift, the people making money from it make all their money from claiming they can teach other people how to make money from it.


…and much like those thoughts I was having, it was better out than in.