Had an idea for a novel

Tell me more

As the boards most successful author I find it odd that @anon50098204 isn’t being asked for advice.

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its like you read the ending over my shoulder. (I’ve only written the 2nd half of the screenplay)

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There are a bunch of people out there who claim they gave up their day job to do what they love, writing romances set in the old West, or thrillers about spies fighting aliens or whatever, yet they all seem to spend a suspicious amount of time trying to get people to buy their books about how they became successful writers and how they can help you too…

I expect so. I guess if you sell enough 99p downloads it becomes a profitable hobby at some point.

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How many reviews does he have?


its the same with matched betting. The guys on youtube showing you how its done are making most of their cash from YT ads and referring people to betting sites

No, I don’t think that he actually told me her name or what the book’s called. Think there was something about her doing a book-signing event with loads of lingerie tacked onto the desk. Who goes to an erotic book signing?

Depends if its a signing of an erotic book, or if its just a regular book signing but with erotica

Probably selling pretty well then - I’m sure I heard a typical benchmark was that you got about one review per hundred sales or something.

Easy to ignore your critics if you’re making bank, must be some people out there who like it.


There’s a man in the pub who’s an unsuccessful writer of sci-fi and erotica (separate genres).
We were speaking to him and said he should start writing sci-fi-erotica and he thought it was a bad idea.
Ok guy carry on then.


Well there was the lingerie tacked to the desk if that counts?

Incredible scenes of eroticism

Reckon a novel written from the perspective of a Brendan from Coach Trip would be very good.

Basically a book about a school for wizards and an aggressive leopard who lives in a zoo enclosure finds out he’s a wizard and enrols in this school. Then adventures ensue as the human wizards have to grapple with an enraged leopard experiencing adolescence and learning to use magic and wreaking havoc around the school

I call it

The Magic Leopard




Alright Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa