Had any good Microsoft Authenticator numbers recently?

Had 450900 the other week. Pretty sweet!

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Hang on, let me just check

I’ve been using Google Authenticator since I read that Google bought up all the best numbers a few years ago.


Just had one a minute ago actually! It’s not an especially good one though, so I won’t be posting it.

Had to go all the way back to Monday the 5th July 2021 for this one, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it: 711131

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474751, now that was a snappy one

I had 696908 yesterday and almost made this exact thread


Cheers pal

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People think the numbers are randomly generated.

People don’t know shit.


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This is the best i have
Use verification code 667977 for Microsoft authentication.


No I haven’t

Just had 433255 and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Great number. Well done

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Check out this little beauty I got from PayPal earlier this month:

Every time I get one of these it’s always just the same number. Every time.

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today I had:


…and yesterday:


Feels like I’m really building towards something here.

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Nice little chord change


Read em and weep!

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