Had any ideas lately?


i’ve had an idea that maybe i shouldn’t eat any cooked food for breakfast or lunch, only having it for dinner in the evenings. would probably mean i ate healthier and spend less money on food. what do you reckon?

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I don’t really think it’s a shit idea… I just think it might get a wee bit boring after a while. That’s how I feel anyway. I’ll go through periods of being like “fucking yes, yoghurt, fruit and granola is the fucking business” then I’ll have a day where I wake up, look outside and it’s raining and all i can think is “Porridge”


started using a mini nailclipper as a keyring so my nails are always in tip top condition

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I do something similar three days a week, but it’s only having a cooked lunch. I only have cooked breakfasts at the weekend.

I’m still voting ‘shit idea’ though, I’ve got my rep to consider.


A huel-based diet

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seriosuly though i would probably be into it if it didn’t taste disgusting and didn’t fill me up at all


Cutting your nails in public?!?!?!


Ghost Mutt

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Had an idea for a thread about trampolines.


Sandwiches every day. You get to choose what your fillings are, and how much, rather than going into a shop and being tempted by big delicious baguettes overflowing with calories.



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A podcast on US politics but from a UK perspective

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That’s called raw before 4

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file them in public
cut them in the work toilets sometimes


Think that one’s already on pornhub.


not necessarily raw tho




Shrewbie, I went to Wisley Gardens the other day, I went to pull out my wallet to show my memebership card and pulled out my manicure kit (yeah, so what?) instead*!!!

*same size as my wallet, both leather

Got my new bank card through the post today

i mean no hot meals, not necessarily no processed foods or whatever