Had any jazz glances recently?



you know, where you get checked out by an attrative? not a quick scan - a solid check-out

had a glorious DOUBLE jazz glance earlier. made me feel quite happy for three or four minutes, I can tell ya



Think this might be the moment Jazz life jumped the shark, sorry


Don’t think so pal, delighted for you though innit


I needed this pick me up, man. sorry to say things like this make me feel like a trillion bucks.


Nothing wrong with that, nice to have a little boost to the ol’ self-esteem innit.


indeed brother. other than an emergency shop at Lidl, I ain’t left the house since last Friday. terrible scenezzzz

felt good to be out in the real world again, looking for glances and shit


I don’t think I’ve ever noticed anyone checking me out.

Either that’s because it never happens, or - more likely - the people who check me out are really skillful and clever and know how to do it without me seeing.


No chance, I look like David Cameron if he fucked the pig and then ate it.


Theres quite a senior manager here, weird aged - could be 30, could be 60 - quite pretty. Looks like she likes fleetwood mac.

She’s been checking me out at meetings for sure.


Sounds like you need to recreate this (from 2 mins…)


I hadn’t had one for AGES like over a year or something and then I was at a cafe with my Bf’s mum and a very handsome man looked me up and down and smiled. I was so shocked but couldn’t stop staring at him after that. It made me want to lose loads of weight and get hot again so I could get it all the time :smiley:


Putting the term ‘jazz glances’ to one side:

of course. I’m a bald white male in his thirties that works in a second hand bookshop. I’m constantly being jazzed


Always nice if I actually notice, which is rare.


As a young/fairly attractive 20 something I get them all the time! Either that or they are just intense looks of disgust (occasionally followed by a patronising smile). But hey just as good right?


I think I sometimes do? I guess I’m not completely terrible looking, on occasions or something.


I don’t think this has ever happened to me. Is it even precedented / possible for this never to have happened within the span of a 25 year life?


I want to know if it’s worth getting Guinness on the line is all


a girl smiled at me when I was out for a run a week or two back. Felt guilty but it was really nice