Had any terrible ideas lately?

Was thinking about watching GoT again from the start.



Worth it for the huge laughs you’ll get when you see this again about 70 hours later:

Well played, GoT showrunners. You got us good.


Watching the final solution documentary on netflix, so so sad. Didn’t know how many other countries including the UK handed over Jewish members of their community to the nazis knowing full well how nazis felt about them. Extermination camp survivor stories were heartbreaking, but so were those of former SS members, in the sense that people can be so fucking ugly inside, for such superficial reasons

Trying to get something out of a container using a kitchen knife

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Has it healed?

it’s hard to keep it still so it reopens a bit sometimes and occasionally bleeds a tiny drop. I’m about to go and look for some spray on plaster stuff to see if that helps

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