Had any thoughts lately?

“Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me” is a weird lyric isn’t it.

Getting pretty sick of button flies.

Weird that the TV channel London Live shows Miss World for some reason isn’t it.

nope - completely thought-free since 2011.


about these “skills”?


Bloody love London Live mate, always show great British films

I have just remembered how much I used to love the big thick marker pen used by Rachel / Carol in the Numbers round on Countdown.

I don’t even have those
Could probably cheer from the sidelines

This is a nice idea, I’m not sure what I’d bring to the table but I like it anyhow.

It always reminds me of ATP TV in that everything looks like a direct feed off of a VHS tape player.


Paging Dr Freud?

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Thoroughly enjoy that too

I think you’re probably right. There are some seriously talented / clever people on here and yet the only thing we ever do collectively is think of puns for things.


Your point…

Think he’s suggesting we think to some punpose

some ideas:

epimer could do a cardathon. just a live stream of him showing off all his cards.
charity cyclists and expensive beer drinkers calendar. nude.
PO legal advice clinic. We could call it the ‘Unsolicited Advice Bureau’.
Marckee could volunteer some time every month to google telephone requests for information.
Ruffers and Eric4 to perform an ironic barbershop double act at the Old Blue.

thats literally it.


I think it’s good the way that jewellery items are mostly very logically named. Neck lace, a lace for your neck. Ring, a round thing. Ear ring, a round thing that goes on your ear etc etc

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If you want to start one now, you can use your level 4 powers to close it and reopen it in the morning.

(or you could just start one tomorrow. I just know that, if it was me, I’d probably forget).

Well now I’ve had a thought, on the back of your thought!

I like your idea. Love is a strong word, I’ll reserve that for chocolate covered shortbread, but I’m almost there. We’ve definitely got a vast range of skillsets and differently-working brains on here, but I can’t fathom how any sort of project would come together.

Here’s what I am thinking though. What about if there was a dedicated place on here where we call genuinely helped each other with stuff? Work stuff, job applications, etc. Like, we could all help proof CVs, or solve a work-based problem, or something. I know we kind of already do that, but it’s hard to sort out from amongst the sea/barrage of puns. Then we’d all be happier, because there would be less stress at work, we’d all get better jobs, and everything would be merry in the world.


I don’t do irony I just hang it up

Random lyrical questions:
All Shook Up (Elvis):

  • What actually is a ‘fuzzy tree’?
    Going Up The Country (Canned Heat):
  • ‘… where the water tastes like wine’. Not a taste I would particularly want from my water tb quite qh
    The Promise (Girls Aloud):
  • ‘Here I am walking primrose, wondering when I’m gonna see you again’. Is Primrose the name of her dog? Or a euphemism for what young ladies do when their boyfriends are no longer around?

Quiche-making can be on the list of things that we can collectively do.

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