Had any thoughts lately?

Weird that there’s a thing called quiche lorraine innit.

We could make a pro-Corbyn charity digital fanzine.


I used to be right into quiche. Not so much these days. Same goes for beetroot.

I think her name is not Lorraine

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Is it weirder that there is a place called Lorraine or that there’s a person’s name called Lorraine?

The rain in Lorraine falls mainly on Lorraine

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Pleased I didn’t go into how I wanted to feel the thickness of the pen in my hand etc…

this would be amazing, wish my skills such as they are could be useful for something.


if only

Just putting it out there: I am a graphic designer by trade.

Putting this other thing out there: I am more than happy to do this.

Third point: We might be a bit late.


doubly funny because I can’t see how modelling can be useful to anyone

I don’t mind the freak line but I do think there’s something actually quite unpleasant about the preceding “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me”.

Nonsense. Button fly is best.


I’ve been thinking that the lyrics for Take That’s Back for Good sound pretty half-arsed / unremorseful

Whatever I said, whatever I did,
I didn’t mean it
I just want you back for good

‘Whatever I said, whatever I did’ sounds like the protagonist doesn’t realise they’ve actually done wrong, so much so that they can’t be bothered remembering what it is their subject is so upset about. A bit more empathy wouldn’t go amiss and perhaps they would come back for good!


It’s a really unpleasant song in general but that sticks out as a weird line IMO.

I feel like if I look up when that song came out it will make me feel quite sad.

I like zips the best

I used to think this. But I’ve fully embraced the button vibe now.

I always took this to mean they were wandering around Primrose Hill.

Also seems to think singing is a viable way of apology for literally anything, but acts as if it’s some big sacrifice. Conclusion - shut up, Barlow.