Had I won the lottery yesterday

I would have bought this gaff:

I mean it needs a bit of a refurb but fuck yeah! Apologies that they have now semi greyed out the pics.

I wouldn’t have bought that place

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Not even for me?

What a dump.

Oh right, I might have got it for you, yeah

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You saying you would buy that property is the only gaff(e) I see, friendo.

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Right, you aren’t allowed in my sand carpeted basement.


I don’t think you would have bought it tbh.


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You don’t think my 167m could have made someone change their mind?


Just need to get my hands on 167m to prove you wrong.

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i’ll take this one

You seem to be missing a beach room?

Plus what are the transport links to central London like?

Nothing more boring than hearing people what they’d do if they won the lottery.

“Ooh I’d buy a house for all my family members and then go on holiday around the world probably.” Would you, aye? Fascinating stuff.


probably why it’s £1,500,000 cheaper

looks like there’s room for my helicopter



why on earth would you live in a house if you had 167mio??

Nice little flat?

castle, hot air balloon… the skies the limit!