Had I won the lottery yesterday

I’d have gone for this, I think:

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Had this been a Belgian chalet?

that castle’s name? Nick Castle.

think there’s a pixar film about that

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This has been Belgian Chalet, and I’ve been thewarn.

Good night everyone!

oh there’s plenty more boring and you fucking know it

I guess you would have enough money left over to get a plasterer in to skim those rough walls.

Aaaaaany moment now…


I’d spend it on holidays

I would have bought this one:


I can’t stop thinking about it. I even rang up about it. Even with a mortgage 4x my salary I’d only get £56,000


I really really want to live here for the fyi of any lottery winners reading.


I play the diabetes lottery


What I don’t get is when they build really expensive luxury houses or flats in really horrible noisy or rundown places.
The logic being that f i had the sort of money that would enable me to buy one of these properties I would never choose to live in such a shit area. .

In theory yes but in practice every fucker says big house(s), big holiday(s). It’s never “I’d use it to fund an underground cockfighting ring” or “I’d rent out Cumbernauld baths and fill it with raspberry jam just because I could”, is it

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traffic is a bit of a nightmare along there. Always wondered what that house looked like on the inside.
My mum was going to buy a house about 5 mins away many years ago, that wasn’t that price…but I vetoed it as the ceilings weren’t high enough for me to stand up comfortably in. Thanks for listening

do you think it would be the jam or the actual pool rental that would be the largest cost of that endeavour

suppose it would depend on the kind of jam

That’s nice. Shame the lift is a bit ugly.

you are no longer welcome at the housewarming

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Fascinating how they’ve meandered from south East Asian paradise to oldy worldy English in a couple of rooms.

Tried to look up rates, couldn’t immediately find them and lost interest.

So in conclusion: inconclusive.