Had many bugs on you lately?

An ant has just stowedaway on my shoe to board the bus. Hope she’s very happy in her new life as a cosmopolitan urban ant.

Yesterday in Pret a very large spider was running up my arm towards my face and i had to style it out and continue my nonsense “spiders are friends” act in front of M.

‘no flies on me’

  • I say this a lot
  • I say this occasionally
  • I rarely say this
  • I never say this

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Not on me, but the spider that lives in a corner of my room left for a few days but is back, happy to see it!


Yes, I was out the other day and looked down to see a grasshopper hitching a ride on my arm.

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Had a cinnabar moth caterpillar on me when sitting on the grass by the Kelpies eating an ice cream a couple of weeks ago. One of these lads:


Love caterpillars, so much better than what they liquidise into

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let’s just say i’m not in a hurry to go to an environment replete with mosquitos again

in a hurry in a hurry

Had a horsefly on my leg long enough for it to bite me the other day :expressionless:

No no NO

Never setting foot in any branch of Pret ever again

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My husband had TWO spiders in his beard at a wedding on Saturday. TWO. They were huge as well.


This is definitely the Summer of Spiders. The flat is over run.

Oh mate, loads. Seriously, loads. Also apparently I’m a three course meal.

Tangential fruit fly audit

  • Everywhere, just everywhere
  • Lots of them but less so than usual
  • One or two
  • I live a blessed life and have no fruit flies living with me

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Less for me but enough - one came out of my wardrobe - no fruit in there pal, one came out of my fridge (eugh) and two were in my microwave which I haven’t opened for weeks (gross, and HOW?) Hate them so so much.

was like the candyman of wasps at bluedot

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at the same time or was it a one in one out type deal

One appeared then another about 10 mins later. Think it was cause he was wearing a flower button hole thing that was too close to his face. They came for the flower, stayed for the gorgeous ginger beard.


Absolutely enormous cellar spider just crawling on my thigh as I was working.

Had one hanging off my bag yesterday too.

Why are spiders obssessed with me lately? (and where did this guy go? waaaaaaaaaaaa, shook him off and now I can’t see him, please help)

The other day i saw seagulls circling like mad and googled why and it said they’re eating flying ants. Then i became aware of the ants, there were so many! Loads got trapped in my hair :sob: