Had no idea the Beeb did a pidgin english site





Interesting lil interview here https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-41005939

Guess I learned something new today :relaxed:


I don’t really know what to do with this information


No FEC meeting, President Buhari still dey work from home

story of my life.


enjoyed this headline




Listened to one of the news bulletins early today. Interesting to listen to it and trying to understand its intricacies.


I typed up a focus group a while ago with a group of Papua New Guinea pidgin speakers. PNG pidgin is called Tok Pisin, and it’s amazing - I got halfway into typing a sentence and then my understanding just melted out from underneath me. Obviously, Pidgins are a remnant of the evils of colonialism, but they’re really vibrant and evocative languages.


probably just going to suggest really early on how easily this thread is going to slide into lots of extremely middle class whiteys laughing at a massively-used language in another continent.


I was going to post a headline I found very pleasing to the ear but I worried that that was how it would be perceived.


yes. and you were excellently correct to be so.


Launched this week apparently


I think you can appreciate it without being mocking, but I agree about being sensitive.


yyyyyyes just about. but even the sort of quaint approval is borderline. def thought it was worth saying now lest someone else later on much blunter than me wandered in to the thread


fucking whites


Well, yeah. I mean, I posted just above you, but I wasn’t admiring language for its quaintness. Obviously, if I’ve gone over the line then I apologise and take it on board.

EDIT: I’m not being sarky or anything, BTW - I’d rather be told I’d fucked up and use it to inform my thinking.


i’m def not the one to determine either way, it’s all good


worked with a lot of african lads on a building site a while back. loved to hear pidgen english :star_struck:

they were probably all calling me a wanker like but still :star_struck::star_struck: