Had some of this last night

was bloody horrible
£7 a shot

deafheaven were good tho

Why would you order that


Shots on a Monday! Get a load of Bantony Worral Thompson over here.


only had a sip tbf


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Say you took a serious wound out in the field and this is the only thing you had to sterilise your wound… would it hurt more than normal vodka?

I would.

Nice work.

@laelfy would know

funnily enough I can answer this for you in a round about way. When I was in the SAS on wink nose tap type of operation (that’s secret to u civvies) we came under heavy fire but inexplicably both sides ran out of bullets at the same time. This resulted in some knife fight wrestling, only in a bloody chilli field! I wont tell you the nationality of our foes but there was a lot of vodka sploshing about. After brutally murdering the enemy we sustained a few cuts which inevitably got chilli and vodka in, I can tell you it was slightly more painful than just vodka. How we laughed about it after, hahaha.

Those Russian chilli fields are a right fucking nightmare.

Whoa no one said anything about Russians, I don’t want the MOD knocking on my door.


It was quite the jam at the time