Had to jump, stand or sit on something to make it close properly lately?

Yesterday I had to climb up into the big wheelie bin and jump on it a bit to make all the stuff inside fit and the lid close properly. Had to do this kind of thing with anything lately?

I frequently have to kick the back door to open it because it’s so stiff. Admittedly that’s opening, and not one of the three specified actions, but hopefully it’s sufficiently in the spirit of this thread

Hmmm, not really what i was after but at this stage of a topic of this low quality I’ll take what i can get.

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I stand on a lot of my recycling, sometimes a jump


Tent - stuffing it into its tiny wee bag and getting it zipped up

Really need to use those knees

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Item: Cut up plant bits
Action: Stand on
Purpose: Make it fit into the green recycling bin



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had to sit on a suitcase to get it to close recently, it was (and still is) full of shoes

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Reckon they’ll spill out when you open it?

if I open the suitcase when it’s standing up, yeah

I’ll probably open it lying down though (the suitcase, not me)

Why not have both lying down (you and the suitcase) you deserve a rest.