Had to turn the heating on today


Happy Winter 1


Went out for a few hours yesterday and came home to find the gf had turned the heating on. Ludicrous.


Wore my big thick dressing gown yesterday evening. Happy Winter 1 wr!


Our new landlord pays the gas bill so I don’t have any argument against putting it on now beyond “Why does your personal comfort which can be addressed with additional clothing outweigh mine which can’t”

Gonna be a struggle this winter I think…


fuck da polar bears.


It’s 21 degrees outside here. Get a fucking grip.


The internet says it’s 12 degrees in Oslo. Put a jumper on ffs, that’s perfectly fine.



The leaves are only just starting to turn. It’s barely autumn, far less winter I.


I’m so angry about this.

  1. Am wearing a jumper
  2. Live in a really old building with poor insulation
  3. It’s also windy af



:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:CAL-I-FORNIA DREAMIN’ ON SUCH A WINTERS DAYYYYYYY :musical_note::musical_note:


It’s well into autumn here tbf, August is pretty much the first autumn month for us.

And I have to say it’s an incredible bonus that my very little thought through attempt at being somewhat funny has irked you this much :heart:


Literally incandescent with rage here. Literally.


I think Anthony and I both live with people who turn the heating on at the slightest provocation, and as we are both hot-blooded, fiesty, extremely manly men, this is a source of discomfort and irkage.


I’m a literal viking you dweeb


Then you shouldn’t need to turn the heating on when it’s 12 degrees outside. You have brought shame upon your ancestors.


Or maybe I’m just more of an authority on this point than you are, eh?


I’m not sure what we’re talking about any more, if I’m honest.

(12 degrees is fine heating weather tbh, but I was already committed to my bit)