🔥 Hades thread🔥

Mine too as despite playing for a a couple of hundred hours I am still pretty terrible at dodging and stuff. Not sure if you’ve seen the hammer upgrade that gives you 5 bombs instead of 1, that one is particularly enjoyable with Eris. Dionysus runs are always entertaining too, especially with a glass of red on the go.

Bit of a cliché but beating the boss really was just the beginning for me, really fell in love with that game hard much later as I started to fully understand the mechanics and realise how perfectly balanced it was. Haven’t felt like playing anything else this year. Last night was the first time I got Demeter’s legendary boon, another outrageously fun time.

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love Dionysus’s vibe :wine_glass: , and Demeter too - her call is so good

had a good run earlier where I had these with the Achilles aspect on the spear (+50% post-dash damage)

Black Shawl (+15% damage from behind)
Blinding Flash (+50% damage " ")
Slippery Ambush (+158 damage " ")

plus a few of Artemis’s crit boosting boons, among other things

was doing ridiculous damage. absolutely annihilated Theseus & Asterius :fire:

(wasn’t patient enough with Hades)

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: D yes, always

Zag’s way of speaking is also rubbing off on me. finding myself wanting to say “cheers mate” like him

can imagine @profk liking Zag and Dionysius


Picked up the game again after being distracted by hollow knight. Am on 28 attempts and have got to elysium a few times. Am quite enjoying just upgrading everything even though I haven’t escaped yet


Also I mostly have no idea what I’m doing in combat other than mashing buttons and dash attack, does anyone have tips?

it was like that for me at first, but it slows down once you get used to what the buttons do, how the boons & weapon upgrades modify them

you’ll feel like you have more time soon enough

I tend to attack with the cast first, as there’s a mirror ability that increases damage for each of the casts (the red things) an enemy has in them

you want to use dash to find space + maneuvre out of the way of danger then in to attack

you can sometimes use this from a distance, but your ranged attacks are most often special ones


One of the things that took me ages to get semi competent at was dashing into enemy attacks - if you time it correctly you will avoid damage and can then hit them from behind. This doesn’t work if you are doing a dash attack though. The other thing that is useful is remembering that you can bat away projectiles with your attacks.

There are then loads of very specific tips for each weapon, aspect, boon, enemy etc. - you probably learn something on every run even after a hundred.


Thanks, this is really helpful. Slowing down is probably key, I’ve had best results with the bow so far. Wasnt very sure about the cast either

I had genuinely no idea youcan bat away projectiles, ive been trying to run away from all of them! Thanks

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This isn’t totally accurate - they don’t stack. So you only need to stick one bloodstone into an enemy to get the damage boost (or speed reduction), subsequent ones do not increase it further.


Got my first win with the bow. There’s an aspect you can unlock for it which makes the special burst fire home in on the last target you shot. Combine that with some good boons and you’re laughing


Ooh haven’t unlocked many aspects for the weapons, but I’ll look out for that one thanks

Just did a fun sword run without swinging my sword a single time against the final boss (crystal beams everywhere)



nearly done everything :')


already pretty bored of going through the same levels endlessly. and i’ve finished every souls game.

Diablo III or IV will solve this.

how much have you done at this point?

such a bloody cop out, wanted to be able to hang out with Dionysus in person

I want Nemesis to literally kill me (Q2 of 2024, folks).

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