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I want Nemesis to literally kill me (Q2 of 2024, folks).

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Trying to get a non-spoilerish answer if possible… but how long, roughly, would people say it took them to “finish” Hades? And you can interpret finish how you like, but I’m thinking like, first time you complete a run / hit the main credits, rather than unlock everything, post game true ending etc. So for example, beating HOTK the first time in Dead Cells, rather than finally doing a 5 boss cells run.

run was like 5 hrs.

credits was 47 hrs.

Hmm. Is it more like “you’ve done a run, well done, everything else is optional / for completists” or “your first run is just a tutorial, now the proper game starts”?

not really either tbh. each (even failed) run progresses the story somehow and you need to complete a certain number of runs to get to the credits. there’s more story after that too tbh.

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The first run is arguably the hardest as you start off with very little health, no extra lives, a single weapon and without a bunch of powerful buffs which you will later acquire, making runs easier and easier - although there is another mechanism that can be applied to reverse this trend.

According to Steam stats 83.9% of players clear a run, 25.6% roll the end credits and 8.7% reach what you might call the “true ending”. I don’t have a record of my play time per achievement unfortunately, but I was playing on average 1 hour a day and it took a couple of weeks clear a run, a couple more to hit the end credits and then just under 3 months more to get the true ending (mainly as I took a really roundabout way of doing it, ticking off almost every side quest / achievement first).

After 170 hours on Steam (plus around 30 on Switch originally) I’m finally ready to play something else. Kind of tempted to do a sub-10 minute run, and I have one final in-game achievement left although it seems to be a very tedious one.

have it, Charon mate


not sure I’ve finished it yet

like, I don’t think I’ve seen credits, even tho I’ve invited the family round (is the bit where it says FAMILY REUNITED the end, or do I have to max all the relationships?)


I’m wondering what my average run time is. probably 34 mins or something? that x however many it’d take to finish

got to the spoilered bit after my 122nd run

You will have rolled the credits ages ago, must have forgotten. Btw the run time it shows you is in-game time, not real-time. The clock pauses for a bunch of things.

Oh apparently the end credits are skippable so maybe you did that by mistake. Also your spoilered bit is the completion of the epilogue / true ending, you don’t have to max all relationships. There continues to be unique dialogue long after that though.