Tickets for Hadestown at the National Theatre have gone on sale today. It’s doing a run in London before it heads to Broadway for the first time.


Would be absolutely delighted if it was a big success. The album deserves more acclaim.

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I’m gutted I can’t make it to London for this. The gf and I are big Anais fans - we’re gonna have one of her songs as our first dance at our wedding - but we need to save money for our big day.

I really hope it’s a huge success.

Love this album - caught the live show at Union Chapel and it was magical :+1:

ooh, didn’t know this was happening. Loved the album and the Union Chapel gig. Having a listen to the live musical performance on Spotify now, but it’s not jumping out to me as immediately. But I assume it would be better in person.

I’m in a similar position myself but live in London so was willing to take the hit. £32 for tier 2 preview tickets seemed reasonable enough to me.

Gutted I wasn’t at the Union Chapel show but this will be the next best thing.

5 days to go, really looking forward to this!

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We came down from Scotland to see this. One of my partner and I’s favourite albums and alot of emotional attachment beyond that. It was… good. Lots of great aspects to it. But holy crap was the lead actor miscast. A boy band member dropped into a Grapes of Wrath style world of misery. It really bummed me out and completely detached me from the story. :frowning:

I had a similar reaction and as much as I love the source material I’m not sure I’d even recommend it to others. Completely agree about Orpheus, I did not like his voice at all. Thought the show was far too long with the padding not really adding much. A few moments impressed me but think that’s more down to my fondness for the music and not much else.

Such a shame I’m not full of praise like a lot of fans on twitter seem to be.

Yup. Agree with all of that. I thought the guy playing Hades was fantastic and Why We Build The Wall was as good as it’s ever been, but so much of it just left me feeling flat. They could easily have skimmed off twenty minutes or so.

FWIW you do have to bear in mind that it’s in previews until Nov 13 and will doubtless be heavily tinkered with - personally I probably wouldn’t buy a ticket to an early preview of a musical. But at the same time miscasting isn’t the sort of thing you can just fix in a couple of weeks!

Agreed, I believe he’s played the Hades roll previously. WWBTW really packed a punch.

And while I agree with Mr. L that there are a lot of tweaks to be made (some obvious ones) I don’t think much can be done to change the issues I have with it.

I did like the end I have to say and had no idea how they were going to wrap things up.

14 Tony Award nominations, hadn’t realised it was so well received on Broadway. It only opened a few weeks ago.

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