Tickets for Hadestown at the National Theatre have gone on sale today. It’s doing a run in London before it heads to Broadway for the first time.


Would be absolutely delighted if it was a big success. The album deserves more acclaim.


I’m gutted I can’t make it to London for this. The gf and I are big Anais fans - we’re gonna have one of her songs as our first dance at our wedding - but we need to save money for our big day.

I really hope it’s a huge success.


Love this album - caught the live show at Union Chapel and it was magical :+1:


ooh, didn’t know this was happening. Loved the album and the Union Chapel gig. Having a listen to the live musical performance on Spotify now, but it’s not jumping out to me as immediately. But I assume it would be better in person.


I’m in a similar position myself but live in London so was willing to take the hit. £32 for tier 2 preview tickets seemed reasonable enough to me.


Gutted I wasn’t at the Union Chapel show but this will be the next best thing.