Haggling (consumer Sunday, with polls)

I haggle regularly for products that cost over 50 quid:

  • Yes
  • No

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Best thing to haggle for is shoes - they’ll come down on the price massively most of the time.

Got a 150 quid pair of shoes for 60 once.

I would like to haggle more

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Cant haggle, wont haggle.


i’d rather not have something than haggle for it


Not worth my time, m5.

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When my daughter was 3 she haggled a guy at a carboot down to a quid for a scooter. It was amazing!


Alright mr rich man

Think being taught how to haggle by my mum is one of my most cherished memories

Very rarely haggle unless it’s in an area I know very well and even then I know that more often than not it’s pointless to haggle and very often the people you’re haggling with dont have the sway to give you a better deal or the person you’re haggling with simply cannot afford to offer an item cheaper.

Quite frankly if there is a stickered price I actually think haggling is quite arrogant and a hassle for people working the front line.

Obviously negotiating repeat custom/contracts is different

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Quite like a haggle if/when it is expected e.g. in a Turkish bazaar. Otherwise it’s a bit embarrassing because you come across as a tight-arsed twat


Did a car boot sale a few months ago where I eventually priced everything at 20p. People were genuinely trying to haggle me down to 10p. (And then were giving me foreign coins etc). Made me dislike the human race a bit.


People who try to haggle with retail employees who have no authority to reduce anything. My first job was in halfords and youd always get blokes coming in like ‘50 quid for this? Nah mate i’ll give you 20’


If it’s expensive (say, over 50 quid), the chances are they’re making a decent profit anyway. Usually haggle in places where the sales technique is quite aggressive anyway (clothes stores, phone shops, electronics etc)

Probably me

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That’s not even remotely true and you know it

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Eh? What’s not true

That a store somehow makes a massive profit if something costs over 50 notes. The manufactuer might but I can assue you the store probably doesn’t in MOST industries

Really depends on what the thing is. Bought a toaster for 40 when it was advertised for 60, for example

Tried to haggle for tickets outside Brixton Academy once. Never again, felt well threatened. (Didn’t buy the tickets.)