Do you enjoy haggling? Are you any good at it?
I certainly enjoy it, and have a moderate success rate in getting the price I like.

Things it is acceptable to haggle for (please add more below as is your want)

  • Cars
  • Jackets
  • Footwear
  • Misc other clothes
  • Groceries (from a market trader)
  • Groceries (from a shop and or supermarket)
  • Electronics
  • Services - especially taxis
  • 2nd hand stuff
  • Other - please specify

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i do not enjoy it and i refuse to engage in it


If I was going to buy a switch I would absolutely haggle in the shop (and probably only end up with a free game)

I don’t enjoy to do it.

I especially don’t like it when abroad and people go on about how “they expect you to haggle, it’s part of it” or whatever. Had to have a quiet word with my gf when she was splitting hairs with a lady in a Tanzanian craft market over the equivalent of like £2 for some hand carved bowls. Just seems a bit wrong.


I don’t go abroad so no problems there but absolutely no probs arguing the toss with a pwoper east end fruit n veg man innit

Are you trying to insult me?! Me, with a poor dying grandmother?! Ten?!


Aye, they bloody love it as well innit. I’m just not cut out for it.

Had some cracking haggling sessions when I’ve been abroad. Hong Kong was especially fun. Turkey was like being held hostage and the trader waiting until Stockholm Syndrome set in

Bert! This bloke won’t haggle!


Richard Ayoade being forced to haggle by Johnny Vegas in Travel Man basically summed up how I would be in that situation.

Loved that he went back in and gave them more money.

absolutely hate it

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Don’t like haggling, unless I feel I’m punching up, i.e. with landlords/letting agents.

Always be prepared to walk away.

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We spotted today that our tenancy agreement, last updated and signed in November 2014 actually has us down for paying £50 a month less than what we’ve been paying since. Might pop in for a #haggle later.

DIS standard response: don’t like it (think it has something to do with how much my dad did it and seemed to thrive on it, was always scundered).

That said, had to do it on holiday last week and it was almost fun when it came to things that you weren’t relying on.

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just don’t get it at all. like you go to buy a car and the dude’s like “tell you what, i’ll knock £1,000 off it” i don’t think “oh wow, lucky me” i just think so five minutes ago you were happy enough to fucking shaft me out of an extra £1,000 you slimy lying fuck, what else are you lying about?


It’s gone waaaay too far with cars, especially off an independent seller, just no frame of reference as to cost whatsoever so you just end up saying numbers at each other and then the thing falls apart about twenty metres down the road. Proper lawlessness, love it.

I remember when my dad sold an old car to a dealer, he knew what it was worth and couldn’t be arsed to haggle, so literally walked back up the drive and into the house until the dealer knocked on the front door and waved enough wads of cash in his face.

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saw some guy trying to haggle in a second hand bookshop over some £2 books. just seemed like a cunt.


remember my brother sold his car to some guy and got a phone call an hour later when it had packed in on the motorway after the dude had tried to drive it home. he just said “oh, unlucky mate” and that was that.

it was just genuine bad luck too, my bro had no idea there was anything wrong with it but you’d be fucking raging if you were the dude that bought it.

It’s weird because often I’m happy with the asking price of most things/genuinely don’t care but just enjoy the game aspect of it.

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