Hail to the Thief (revised tracklisting)

Bit of chat about this in the In Rainbows thread and I’m sure loads of superfans already know about it, but supposedly Thom Yorke quietly suggested that his tracklisting for HTTT would go like this:

I’m sure most people’s initial response would be that There, There and 2+2=5 are just fucking wrong so I ended up just switching them around and ended up with

I’ve listened to it twice now and I love it, it’s like hearing a totally different album for me.

Feel free to post your own tracklistings!

Here’s a poll for good measure

  • I like HTTT how it is
  • HTTT is decent but too long/too messy/too unfocused
  • HTTT is a duffer now matter how you spin it
  • don’t care mate

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oh derp i posted the same tracklist twice, mods please sort!


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Definitely agree with losing: I Will and We Suck Young Blood.

No coincidence that In Rainbows sounded more cohesive and lacking in fat when they started using the concept of a bonus CD.

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I definitely tried Thom’s order once and liked it. It’s annoying because apart from maybe that slow one (Sail to the Moon) I think every track is great but it never works much as an album for me. So it seems harsh to cut any one track for the good of the whole. I also think that 2+2 into Sit Down is one of the great opening pairings

as I said in the other thread, shrinking it as per Thom’s tracklist bumps it up to a second tier album. It becomes the rock album/return to The Bends that it was billed as being before its release.

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this is exactly what happens for me. i basically like everything on it but it just bangs on a bit too much. i can’t really remember which piano dirge is which.

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the second proposed sequence probably works better, though my issue isn’t really one of sequencing so much as being a fairly weak album in general. Dropping the weakest tracks is an improvement, but there’s still only 2 or 3 tracks left over that I at all care about.

on the There There/2+2=5 swap. I like the way the drumming kicks off the album and love 2+2 blasting straight into Myxomatosis. not really sure why they have to appear in their original positions, but to each their own, I guess.

just don’t think there there is a good opener really. sounds to me like and ‘end of side 1’ track but it’s all hashtag opinions, innit. think 2+2=5 is kind of lost as anything but an opener.

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The com lag version of I will is quite good.