HAIM (2022 latest @ post 150)

Do they have any videos where they’re not marching down a street in unison?

(I like this, obviously)

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Ok I love this but are we just going to gloss over the fact that the verses are “I want you” by savage garden?

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In fairness, that’s not the Savage Garden song people know so I imagine a lot of people won’t hear the similarity!

Yeah, this isn’t really the place you expect to find people with any knowledge of Savage Garden’s back catalogue.


Genuinely consider there to be three of those. What’s the one? To The Moon and Back?

Edit: oh, it’s Truly Madly Deeply isn’t it

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Once I watched the Want You Back video this was highly good :smiley:

Now it’s just Danielle on her own. Does that count?

Imagine knowing every time you write a song that you’ll be able to get PTA to direct the video. Also, imagine consistently writing songs this good tbf.

Doin’ it on a stage this time!

The Want You Back video also has them striding around the streets in time to the beat and wasn’t PTA, to be fair.

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Chickacherry cola. Agreed. V similar.

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I’m just relived it’s not a bloody Leonard Cohen cover. (Quite a pleasant song.)

Dunno if my appreciation of them has just grown since seeing them live but all of these new songs seem to be a real step up. Especially Summer Girl.

Nah they’re definitely better songs. I liked Something To Tell You but these all feel more organic and less over-written, which makes sense if you look at the relative times between the albums.

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This band are swiftly entering “can do no wrong” territory for me

This is ancient, but missing from this thread so what the hell.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but my dad’s cousin co-wrote this so it’s a song I’ve always had a strong relationship with, even though it’s objectively fluffy nonsense.