Hair chat (multipoll)



  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Mousy
  • Greying
  • Silver/white
  • Black
  • Red and variants
  • Reddish brown
  • Reddish blonde
  • Crazy colour
  • n/a

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  • Stupidly long
  • Long
  • Mid Length
  • Short
  • Ultra short
  • n/a

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Bald? (anonymous)

  • Bald
  • Receding
  • Full head of hair

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I have started greasing mine right back at the top and sides, which has a lovely seedy mullet effect.


hmm i feel like bald needs ‘not receding but thinning’ as an option


doesn’t it like, go worse in one area first though? like around the temples or at the back?


i thought you were well past that stage m8


Not sure I can still get away with black or if I’m certified greying now


i went bald early so i’m actually less qualified than others on this but:

i would call receding where it starts to pull back, thinning where there’s just less general coverage. but yes generally on top thins first, or the forehead becomes a fivehead



? i’m as bald as the moon son. i’m just adding in a bonus for people who aren’t receding but ARE thinning


I’m quite comfortable putting receding. All part of the same process.


i think people who recede tend to stay in denial longer


You’re thinking of Egyptian long-distance swimmers


other way around, definitely.


The top has almost completely gone, so just Number 1 it every few weeks.

Building up to going completely bald though. Not sure when. But it’s gotta happen at some point.


no because a receding man often grows his hair to try and let it flop forwards no?

whereas when you’re thinning there’s just no hope and you may as well get that damn shave going on


see above


cant see any grey there mate.

definitely greying here, but just round the sides.


is this in Hoxton?