Hair chat (multipoll)


  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Mousy
  • Greying
  • Silver/white
  • Black
  • Red and variants
  • Reddish brown
  • Reddish blonde
  • Crazy colour
  • n/a

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  • Stupidly long
  • Long
  • Mid Length
  • Short
  • Ultra short
  • n/a

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Bald? (anonymous)

  • Bald
  • Receding
  • Full head of hair

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I have started greasing mine right back at the top and sides, which has a lovely seedy mullet effect.


doesn’t it like, go worse in one area first though? like around the temples or at the back?

i thought you were well past that stage m8

Not sure I can still get away with black or if I’m certified greying now

I’m quite comfortable putting receding. All part of the same process.

You’re thinking of Egyptian long-distance swimmers


other way around, definitely.

The top has almost completely gone, so just Number 1 it every few weeks.

Building up to going completely bald though. Not sure when. But it’s gotta happen at some point.

cant see any grey there mate.

definitely greying here, but just round the sides.

in my garden in Peckham.

I dunno. I see lots more thinning heads of hair that should probably be shaved than receding ones.

yeah, it used to be a gum factory before ww2 but is now occupied by studio space I think.

as any DiSers who’ve met me will attest, I’m definitely noticeably on my way to grey, but salt & pepper rather than areas of grey. think the light off my head is hiding it a bit in that photo. Pretty sure @elthamsmateowen made some sort of lighthearted dig at my greys in Amsterdam

Or when you’re stood on the tube and can see the tops of the heads of the people sat down.

Insist that your friends and family observe you from this viewpoint, and then thinning would not be an issue either.

I honestly think that people go a bit overkill on the ol’ full shave when it starts to go. If you keep it relatively short and its not getting a bit 70s Bobby Charlton, there’s no problem with a bit of hair. Looks great with a beard too.