Hair, hair everywhere

One of the first things I did when I joined DiS was heavy breathe my way through your faces on the “Who the fuck are you 2.1” thread. It was @jontosh2001 's “blind pisshead barber” photo that made me instantly realise this was the place for me.

So, from your heid down to your toes, tell me about your bad hair experiences. Reveal any hairdresser/barber anxieties, show me your most disastrous teenage haircut, have any dye jobs gone awry? Also, BEARDS! Experienced a Sweeney Todd-esque beard trim? Asked for a quick ear hair burning and been left with 3rd-degree burns? Speaking of burning… waxing! With which there is never a dull moment :scream: GO!

My left shoulder is significantly hairier than my right.

I don’t like it.

I had a mohican when I was about 11. Not inclined to find a photo

I bet it really likes you though…

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teenage haircut disaster - that ‘foals’ short back and sides/flock of seagulls cut that everyone my age had in 2008


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-hairdresser cut my ear when I was about 12
-wanted a 90s 100% bleach blond dye, my sister did it for me but didn’t seemed to think that that’s actually what I’d like, so she gave me blond tips instead.

I’ve had pretty much the same haircut for about 16/17 years now. However, in my 90s student heyday I sported an Oasis-style bowlcut. My friend from uni, Vicky, was convinced that she could cut hair and for a few months I allowed her to cut mine, with mixed results.

As a result, and to the mirth of passport guards across Europe, this asymmetrical horrorshow was my passport photo for a full decade:


did lol


Haven’t been to a hairdressers/barbers for best part of a decade until this very Saturday when I took my son.

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do you just shave it yourself?

I got a bad haircut when I was 13 - I had long hair and asked for a short choppy chin-length cut, but the hairdresser (with encouragement from my mum, who came along with me) decided that my face was too chubs to carry it off so I ended up with a mullet. It was really awful.

Upside though was that I had fun lying about how it happened and managed to convince a guy in my class that I’d been in an accident with a band saw and had to cut it off to free myself. Idiot.

Nah, my wife cuts it all one length with scissors. It’s fucking thick so she can’t fuck it up whereas my son’s is a little trickier.

I had the same thing when I was about 13 too. I had lovely long hair and then Natalie Imbruglia happened and I thought “Oh, yes, I’ll have that”… my Mum begged me not to but of course I didn’t listen and then basically a rubbish mullet happened. Cue months of miserable, grumpy teenage photos with shit hair.

couple of weeks before starting uni I had a mohawk. then buzzed it all off for starting. got my photo taken with a big white stripe down the middle of my head where the mohawk bit hadn’t had any sun.

five years I had that photo on my ID card.

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Somewhere I have a picture from when I was about 8 or 9 and I got annoyed by my fringe so I just cut a chunk of it out with scissors, really close to my scalp.

Mum took the photo and referred to it as ‘Wally of the Year’.

Found some old photos of me when I was sorting through stuff the other week.

I had terrible hair as a mid-90s teenager. Centre-parted curtains (which many other people did have), but my hair was way too thick and way too straight for the ‘classic’ look.

Some hair inspiration for y’all

7 secs in, most majestic hair flips you’ll ever see.

had proper curtains when i was in early secondary school, man i saw a school photo the other day and i nearly exploded from embarrassment, hideous

Post it!

ha, i’ll try and find it, think my bro took a photo of it to send to some friends so as to shame me :slight_smile:

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