Hair Modelling


Anyone here ever hair modelled? If yes, show me. If no: what would you go for if you had a top-flight professional doin yer hair?

I ask coz my friend is risking it today with a pro salon ‘teaching day’ kind of thing, and a couple days ago i was reminded my wife was a model for a competition too:

(this looks nothing like her and has been photoshopped to high hell, but the colour of hair is actually pretty much exactly how it was)


personally i always wished i coulda had a Van Damme kinda vibe


Completely unveiled “My wife was a model for a competition” thread


hair modelling isn’t modelling ant. it’s literally just if you have thick hair


I did this once in university and was given a “fashion” hairstyle. Thing is, I wasn’t a “fashion” person, so whilst it looked mildly silly in the first place (big swooping fringe), I let it grow too long before cutting it again and it looked ridiculous.

Just checked and I don’t even have a single photo of it after it was done, just during its baaaad growout phase.


quite like the idea of fringe ma0sm


not very many avenues left open to me tbqh

maybe I should get in on some beard action?



I have very thick hair, nobody anywhere would ever want me to model it


When I get out of the shower
And the harsh light above the bathroom mirror
Highlights the rapid thinning of my hair
And my shiny pate
I gasp


have you checked?


Yeah, it’s definitely really thick


i may consider this as a new career move



maosm no offence but you have turned into a stone cold fox since whatever… that situation was.


I have the same haircut I had as a child. I don’t like change.



how many bows?


Read that as bowls at first implying Witches has and always has had a bowl cut


which would be fucking rad