Hair on fleek

Got a right good Barnet at the mo.


Hair on cheeks


having a haircut tomorrow morning as I

}booked the day off work{

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One thing out of lockdown… I learnt how to cut my own hair


Hair John Fleck


Your hair does look good! Great colour. I was looking at my old photos recently at my hair bleach phase and it was…a lot. My hair was lighter than my skin lmao

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Oh man it’s worse than I remember. I did it myself and all with no care whatsoever. State of those earphones too. 2014 me was a mess


Same babe same

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Mine is appalling as i haven’t washed it since Saturday and spent all morning in bed with a wet flannel on my face. Got a bit of a Something about Mary thing going on now (no spunk was involved in the making of this hair do)

Just looked up the girl who did the vine and she seems to be doing well out of it :heart_eyes:

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what vine lol

Yeah yeah, how about being grateful you’ve got hair not to be up to scratch.

Spare a thought for us baldies, eh!


At this point I’ve got hair on everything OTHER THAN fleek, it’s ridiculous.

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It’s impossible to discern between good and bad hair imo. Would never notice. Don’t notice roots and bad dye jobs and all that.
Only 2 types of haircut I notice. If someone has just stepped out of a hairdresser (always looks bad, too new) and if you’re a bloke with overgrown hair in real need of a cut (me)
Thank you, these have been my thoughts on hair.

ohhhh got you

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also jokes on me coz my hair looks well shit today

A guy pulled over his car to tell me he wished he had my hair on Sunday. Married him obviously.


Yeah the babies nearly due


You do have perfect Sunday hair, Ruffers. I’ve always said that.

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:smiley: honestly was about to make this joke, thank you x

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