Hair products


I think because I had quite nerdy friends at school and we subliminally defined ourselves as anti-fashion and anti-trying hard to look good, the idea of fashion and grooming products have always been slightly alien to me.

I’ve made my peace now with buying clothes I like (kind of) but grooming still remains difficult. When I buy hair gel I treat it like teenagers in a sitcom trying to buy condoms, like something slightly embarrassing and shameful. I don’t really know where to start. What’s the difference between a gel and a wax and a clay and putty and all the other things? How do I know which of them work when they all cost a fiver to buy but six months to use up? For once in my life I’d like to not look like I have the hair of a lego man, while I still have hair left.


Do they still make hair gel?


Some of us just have Lego hair regardless of product, friend. We have to make our peace with that.


I will not go gentle into that good night!


No idea.


Every time I have a haircut, I decide I’m going to start using product.

I buy some clay or putty or wax and use it twice at the most.


The Rework range of putties by VO5 is cheap and good (and cheap enough that if you hate it you can bin it and try another one)-


Scam - don’t bother


this is quite good i reckon

Ive got quite thick hair, but like lower hold

I use the american crew cremes


That is actually incredibly useful and nulls all further discussion in this thread



I think I want high hold low shine… so maybe UP’s putty it is!


I can’t imagine any DiSers being highshiners.


Texturising gum is a good alternative. Slightly lower hold, so the hair feels less stiff and more natural.


Who the fuck uses textured powder? Just make it look like you have dandruff.


I don’t think I mind stiff (steady). At the moment I have some liquid gel stuff, I can just about get something I’m happy with in front of the mirror at home but by the time I get anywhere else it’s all fallen back to shit.


Yeah that’s the stuff I use. Feels a bit gross/rigid when you put it in but give it an hour and you’re sorted.


my bf spends more time on his hair than I do (think he uses clay?)

dont use any hair products or make up or hair removal stuff anymore and it’s great


I only use this now - actually really good - get a pea amount run on your hands and through hair.

all good