Hair products

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i only use that expensive lush beard stuff that @safebruv recommended

it’s actually really good

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American Crew defining paste: medium hold, low shine. Smells really nice too.

Trevor sorbie moulding mud :+1:

On your hair??

on the only hair i have :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry mate :grimacing:

It’s good stuff though innit.


What kind of hair have you got? Then I can advise.

Brown hair


Colour is not important is it thick, thin, curly, bristly, long short etc. ?

Yeah I was pulling your leg :wink: I’m not really sure… Fairly dry (though I wash it every day), shortish, not especially thick or thin. Haircut is pretty standard (bam caught it pretty well in my profile pic). Would like to make my hair a bit more dramatic, like this dude:

I’ve still got the Brylcreem wax I used to spike my hair at Reading Festival 2001, such wasn’t really the style at the time, but made me look super awesome. I’ve also got some modelling clay that I picked up at some point in a more recent past. Getting a happy haircut tomorrow, so i might treat myself to some miscellaneous product when finishing off then, but it’s just sticky and unclean, really, isn’t it?

I uses to use this mother


but I have been product free since 2003

(ish but that rhymes)

You have no other hair anywhere on your body like a Ken doll?

I would highly recommend pomade (you can spend quite a lot but cheaper brands do the job as well), Holds like wax, washes out like gel. I used to use clay/putty type stuff but found that my hair looked greasy the next day even if I hadn’t used a lot so I would end up washing my hair with shampoo pretty much daily. With pomade I use shampoo maybe once a week.

I use this stuff: which you can pick up from Amazon/Ebay for about £7 a tub
I have used this:

but didn’t really notice a major improvement in quality for the step up in price.

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I wash my hair with shampoo every day… is this the problem? Whenever I wake up my hair feels greasy and thick and clumpy though…

Well my advice to you would be this:
Sometimes washing your hair without shampoo or with a just a bit of shampoo in the back and sides can get this effect.
Or use wax putty, if you want more hold combine with a bit of hairspray.
I used to use something that was between a gel and a wax, shockwaves crème gel, I like wax but its not so good in the heat.
The use of these products can also depend on how wet your hair is at the time, wax and putty better on dryer hair.

Using shampoo daily causes long term damage to your hair, yes. I’m not really an expert but I think if you have short hair then you should use it two or three times a week at the most.

I need to wash mine with shampoo every day or it looks really greasy and shit.