Haircare help pls

DiS girls were super helpful ages ago when I requested tips for making my hair less dry (argan oil!). I only use it occasionally but it made my hair nice and soft.

I am now having the opposite problem. My hair is greasy underneath even when I’ve just washed it (and also feels weird on top for the front left section). It’s really visible and stringy underneath when I’m tying up some of my hair or pinning a bit back, which I do a lot as I have extremely thick hair.

I usually wash my hair once every 2 days - cut down from once a day because it was going greasy from overwashing. My shampoo and conditioner are already silicone free I think (or at least it says online Herbal Essences is good for that and that’s what I use) but I’ve also used a clay based one that’s meant to be good for this. It has done nothing. I’ve tried to not use conditioner much but still nothing. At my wits end. Google is not much help. Any ideas apart from shaving it all off?

Can you use dry shampoo on the oily bits?

Have you considered just co-washing? I cowash now and it has made my hair really silky and lustrous. (it’s basically ditching shampoo altogether and just washing with conditioner- it has actually made my roots less oily now).

Whenever I have a buildup of product in my hair or it’s feeling a bit greasy/meh I switch to Alpecin caffeine shampoo - it’s really good at stripping everything away and leaves it quite clean and shiny looking.

Head & Shoulders man



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I’m not sure herbal essence will be good and probs does have some kind of bad things in it?

I never use the same shampoo for a long time. I usually alternative between a few things.

I love to use shampoo bars! Currently on this one which leaves my hair feeling nicely bouncy and smells good.

I also use this one because my scalp gets really dry and spotty.

I use American Cream conditioner from there.

The other ones I use every fortnight are Jason Apricot shampoo and conditioner (but I find that a bit slimey??) and Faith In Nature coconut shampoo and conditioner which IS SO NICE.
(oops that was body wash lol)

But if you want a quick fix, I probably would suggest what @anon32406580 said which is to dry shampoo it.

I like this one from boots

This thread has made me want to BUY THINGS

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I can confirm that bike advertising has never influenced my shampoo purchasing.

It should now

I quite like em too, been using Lush avocado.

That’s put me right off to be fair