Haircut 100

Just had a haircut but obviously I’ve had way more than 100

When do you reckon you would have had your 100th haircut, assuming you’ve even had it?

I think maybe not until I was even 25?

Apologies to the bald members of dis.

Well, I suppose most people have their haircut monthly, so it would take 8-9 years to have around 100 haircuts.

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I think I have probably had 100 haircuts, but only because of having it more as a kid. I probably average about 2 haircuts a year since the age of 16.

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Monthly! Pretty sure I have never had my hair cut twice within a 4.5 week period (apart from when I used to clipper it, I suppose).

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Most men, you mean, the average women’s haircut costs like £35, most of us aren’t paying that once a month.

Doubt I’ve had my 100th haircut yet, when I was a student I’d only go once a year cos it was so expensive.

If I’m counting the times I’ve cut my own fringe then maybe.


I get my hair cut max. two times a year, probably not much over half way to 100.

Edit: Carmen covered the points I should have made very well above.

Ah, that’s fair. Apologies for being male-centric there.

I just checked yesterday and my last haircut was FOUR months ago. I’m at that sweet spot where the cut has grown out but is sitting nicely regardless. This’ll last a couple of days and then it’ll start looking like a birds nest

I’ll say an average of four haircuts a year so somewhere around 25yo.

Go once a month. Sometimes twice a month. If I wasn’t going to my mates teaching academy I’d probably go once every three months though tbh

how do you remember to the month? have you just gone through your diaries for the past 5 years

I don’t think I’ve had my 100th haircut. I’ve had my haircut maybe 10 times over the age of 20??
I don’t like it

tbf i cant remember anything

And I really resent paying for haircuts.
I do not like my hair to look any different, I just want it cleaned up. I don’t want it blow dried. I don’t want it styled cause it’ll look awful. I just want to go in there and come out looking THE SAME.
Yet £45 please


i think i prob get my haircut maybe every couple of months or something? i always think i leave it too long and then gf starts ripping me, saying i get my hair cut all the time. she gets hers cut once a year maybe? shes been gearing up for a haircut for about six months now. but hers is long and dead curly so you cant really tell how quickly its grown

I was going with 4 times a year on average for me. I basically just let it grow until it pisses me off then get it cut. Once a month is crazy IMO! There must be barely anything to cut!

They always over-straighten mine. Once I asked them not to straighten my fringe and she did it anyway, she ended up calling over her manager in shock because it went horizontal. I had to walk out of the hairdressers with it looking like that. You could have put a spirit level on it.

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mine seems to grow quite fast but it might be coz i like it quite short at the back and sides and its pretty curly so when it starts growing out it looks a bit like darth vaders helmet with a floppy fringe

Hate getting my nut cut, so awkward


I reckon mine needs cutting every 6-8 weeks. Even at every eight weeks, and leaving out a while for the first years of being alive I’d have probably got to a hundred hair cuts by the age of twenty.

Probably get a haircut around 4 times a year, so 25 years to get to 100. Probably needs doing every 8 weeks, but I always end up putting it off then then feel bad for giving the barber a massive job to do so end up putting it off for even longer. It’s normally prompted by having a meeting/presentation or interview to do. If I didn’t have to interact with people, I’d probably never have a haircut tbh.

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