Haircut thread

Please use this thread to suggest things to talk about while getting your haircut and polls about haircuts.

When the hairdresser is cutting a certain part of your head, do you move your head to expose the side being cut to them?

  • Yes, I want to help
  • No, if they want me to move my head, they will poke it softly with a finger in the direction of choice
  • Yes, I like fucking with them
  • No, I will remain static throughout the experience.
  • Yes, I like bopping my head along with the background music.

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Sometimes I do it to be helpful but then they move my head back to how it was because they are actually planning on working on a different bit

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haven’t had someone else cut my hair in ~4 years now


My hairdresser today told me this is the worst thing and people shouldn’t do it. If you move it to the side, it means they need to get on tiptoes to see it and gravity means the hair doesn’t hold up on the comb as easily.

Long story short, you are not helping.

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“getting a haircut later”
“oh? which one?”


same but 12 years

My mental health problems this year has made getting my hair cut very stressful for me. I gotta have a 20 minute conversation with a stranger!? I’m not doing that. I gotta bring the wife along with me

Same but 3 weeks

same but 28 hours

Used to be like this with haircuts, used to avoid it for weeks, sometimes I’d manage to walk there but would just walk straight past it and go home :smile:

Really like the place I’ve found now, he just shuts up and cuts my hair and I can watch whatever sport they’ve got on their tvs (normally volleyball which is quite good to watch, yesterday was golf which is obviously not good to watch)

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How does this work practically? Does your wife stand next to the hairdresser and you talk to her and shush the hairdresser every time they talk?

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What do you when having your haircut

  • chat away merrily
  • read phone / book
  • drink beverage
  • eat food
  • absolute silence
  • shut eyes and hum
  • something else

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I need a haircut.


how often do normal people have haircuts?

I had a friend once who said he had a haircut every 6 weeks! That seems crazy

If you’re a chatter, what do you chat about

  • Generic impersonal small talk
  • Job related stuff
  • Nights out and stuff
  • Proper personal stuff
  • Dunno can’t think of another category atm

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I chat when the chat is natural, but there are often gaps where I’m just sat there thinking of applicable conversation topics and things that we talked about last time I had a haircut so I don’t double up on topics and clearly show I don’t remember anything we talked about and I get stressed out as a result.


Have mine done once a month atm


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is it expensive? That seems a lot of money for a tiny bit of haircut