Haircut thread

I think it depends on the kind of hair cut you have / need tbh

No such thing as normal here

“Off to anywhere nice on holiday soon?”

Got asked that today, had to say no and felt ashamed.

Ant has one every month and he’s the most normal person i know


there should be more haircuts people can do themselves or more encouragement for people to cut their own hair and have fun with it


Got my haircut last week and the boy was very chatty - all fine until he told me he was 3 in 2003 and then I felt very, very old.

I’m generally happy to go with whatever chats on offer or just shut up if they don’t feel like talking. Don’t really want to distract someone with a sharp pair of scissors do you?

Do you bring the phonebook with you before hand, or do you get your haircut at BT?

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also it’s kind of like you’re paying for something to just stay the same, not very exciting use of money if you have a haircut really often

the fear of forgetting something important and personal that they were telling you about last time is a fear of mine (but tbh in all interactions I ever have)


get my beard done too, plus eyebrows, ears etc. Costs £30. I spent my whole life getting £8 haircuts from a man in a converted garage behind a Home Bargains, so it’s quite different. Totally worth the money, makes me feel so much better about myself when I’m all neat and tidy, would go once a fortnight if I could afford it.


“Hello laelfy, I’ll be cutting your hair today. Can I get you a drink of anything? I was 3 in 2003. Just take a seat over there and I’ll be right with you”.


I bought a really good shaver razor thingie, now I can just shave my head and beard whenever I want, I’d recommend it to people who don’t like talking to strangers in an intimate setting like a barbers

Didn’t get my beard done today and discovered how much cheaper that made my cut. What a swizz! Beard cuts are like guacamole in a burrito.


Yes that’s exactly how it went


I have a OneBlade for that kind of thing but I can’t do anywhere near as good a job myself as a barber can.

For pure ease of arithmetic, being born on 1st January 2000 must be very convenient.

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Every 2 months or so. I used to just not cut my hair so I’m averaging once every 6 months over the last 10 years, probably.

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I wonder if I could spot the difference between barber beards and DIY beards, would be a fun test with photos and things

I’m still turning this way of putting over in my head.

“I’m 19” - yes
“I was born in 2000” - yes
“I was 3 in 2003” - ??

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you definitely, definitely could

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well on board with this