Haircut thread

I reckon I’m about due for a haircut. My hair’s fine for weeks, and then I wake up one morning and my hair looks like the old guy from Tekken

  • My hair’s fine at the moment
  • You know what, I could probably do with a haircut too

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  • I get my haircut when I feel like it, maybe if I’ve got a social engagement I want good hair for
  • I get my haircut when it’s getting long
  • I get my haircut when it’s not long especially, but growing a bit weird

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  • I go to the same hairdresser every time, and have a good relationship with the person who cuts my hair
  • I go to the same hairdresser every time, and have an ambivalent relationship with the person who cuts my hair
  • I go to the same hairdresser every time, and have a bad relationship with the person who cuts my hair
  • I cut my own hair at home

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  • I get the same haircut every time
  • I like to mix it up

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Feel free to bring the haircut chat below

My Mum was a hairdresser. Never paid for one hope I go bald before I have to go to one

Desperately need one right now but i absolutely hate going


I have such hang-ups about going to the hairdresser that I cut my own at home

But even that makes me anxious (??) and I end up putting it off for as long as possible

Moved to a skin fade which is undeniably a very strong look but either needs re-doing every few weeks or goes through an awkward phase as it starts to grow out.

Might buy myself clippers/foils to buzz it down myself or get my partner to do it.

Have 2 or 3 Barbers I’ll go to that are all decent and similar price, just go to whichever has an available slot

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that’s Heihachi Mishima, have some respect!


I respect him (as much as you can respect any fictional character), I just don’t want the same haircut as him!

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been cutting my own hair for about 7 years or so

don’t think I’ve ever been happy with a haircut in my life.

used to go to a turkish place, but seemingly no matter what you ask for they gave you the same haircut. so have been trying some others - the highlight was one where there were two guys working, one of whom didn’t know how to use scissors so there was a massive queue for the one guy who did while the other guy just hung around.

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Every 2mths, closest day off to the 10th of the month. Skin fade, shortish on top, beard trim. Cheers hector

From 2007 to 2020 I would go once or twice a year. During covid I let it go wild. This year I’ve been three times. Weird new era for me.

Always had anxiety about haircuts. Most hair “salons” didn’t feel welcoming to me - I just want a simple trim, no products, no hairdrying, and I certainly don’t want to spend £50 for the privilege. One day @he_2 offered to cut my hair and finally I found a hairdresser I was comfortable with! Then I eventually asked him to cut all my hair off and then I moved away so he can no longer cut it which is sad, but one day I walked into a hip-looking barber shop here and asked the chap who runs it if he’d cut my hair and he said absolutely! It needs doing again soon actually. Tempted to ask for a skin fade but it might be a bit far.


Been shaving my own for ages, but I used to leave it a fair while between cuts

Recently switched to a weekly head and beard trim, 2 weeks absolute max. Think I prefer how it looks super short and it doesn’t take long and is less mess to clear up after

Change my cut occasionally but not as much now I’m in my 30s. Think mine is looking quite good right not but could do with with a cut in a couple weeks.

Been growing my hair/beard out since September

The plan is to go full Rick Rubin

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I had broadly the same hair (with length changes) from around the age of 3 to the age of 20, and then have had broadly the same hair since then. Can’t imagine going for a new style now unless I start losing my hair or something

The place I go to offers you a free coffee, beer, cocktail, etc. It’s a nice little bonus (and helps motivate me to go sometimes).

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It’s at a complete mess stage right now though so I might chicken out

Made the mistake of going to a different hairdresser and not liking it, so need to book in with my previous one so she can rescue it. Looks absolutely godawful atm

I’ve been to these (s)wanky places before and I always panic and say “just water please!!” And then I never drink it because your arms are under the cloak and how the hell are you supposed to drink something whilst someone cuts your hair