Haircut thread

Same. I hate the whole waiting around and the experience of just burning time sitting there getting it done.

Thought i had made a breakthrough when i found a place that did booking via an app and promised to have you in and out in 20 minutes but alas they left me with a weird clump of hair on the back of my head that won’t behave and it means I’ll need to go back sooner than i normally would. Fuck sake.

Hang on, is that their ploy?

I’m getting to that stage with my barnet where I usually throw the towel in and get it cut short. And when I do I’ll no doubt regret not holding my nerve a little longer. It’s currently at a stage I’d call ‘experimental’. Do really miss a v short tapered back and sides tbh.

Yep, love that awkward “Do I go for a sip, do I not go? I could go now, oh no, I waited too long, should I say something? No, don’t want to interrupt them. There’ll be another chance soon. Maybe now? I should go. Do I go for a sip, do I not go?”

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Started cutting it myself during lockdown. Went to a posh hairdresser when I got a new job and paid £60 for them to tell me I’ve been doing a great job myself and they wouldn’t do anything differently and walked out looking the same as I went in, except a bit neater round the neckline at the back.

Back to cutting it myself.

Not so much needing a cut (though it could do with a trim to get rid of some split ends tbf) but in real need of getting my roots done (and a toner on my balayage would be good too). Im concerned using root touch up spray every other day to cover my predominently grey roots isnt too good for my hair…

Do love a trip to the hairdressers, getting coffee bought to me and sitting doing nothing for a few hours…the dream. Also my new hairdresser is really nice too so enjoy a good chat with her.

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So I just went and got my haircut, and now my head’s cold. I didn’t think that through properly. I might have to wear a woolly hat for the rest of the afternoon.

Prefer long hair so only cut the fringe about once every six weeks. Quite good at it now. Went to the hairdressers for a trim to cut off dead hair and she cut off so much more, and i was literally sitting there watching it happen and couldn’t even say anything, literally was like this inside

And was too shy to say anything and paid, left and cried in the library toilets and never got a pro cut again


Got a haircut yesterday. I will have another next month probably before festive nights out begin.

You should - it’d look killer! I wasn’t sure whether to suggest clippers when you went short or not. I enjoyed cutting your hair, I miss catching up and doing it for you.

Hope everything on the Isle is going swimmingly though!


It’s taken a bit of time for me to work out what I want - tbh I’m still not sure, I just know I want (and love) it shorter! I do also quite like telling whoever’s cutting it do their “worst”, as in, I don’t have a clue what would suit me, just do whatever you think would look nice!

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Hate when you misjudge how much time you can wait in the hairdressers and have to do the exit. No good way of doing it

My wife just gives me a bathtub haircut every few months, it’s cheap and doesn’t come with any COVID risk. A+.

Started going to a new barber about a year ago. Nice guy, enjoy talking to him once a month. Went at tbe weekend actually but still very much in the ‘new haircut/far too short’ stage.

Been shaving my own head for years, even before locky d. I really want to go to a proper hairdresser but I struggle as a non-binary person because men’s barbers scare me and women’s hairdressers charge silly money and I’m scared they’ll cut it too feminine. :frowning:

getting my hair cut tomorrow hactually. i’m a right old fluff ball atm

I know of some nb friendly places but they’re all in London, I’m not sure if you’re part of the LME tho?

the only LME I am is Leeds Metropolitan Elite

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lollll I knew it began with L but wasn’t London, I’m sorry!


I am a woman but have a grade 4 short back and sides and then a bit off the top. I have a regular guy I go to, at a barbers here in my village. I’ve got my hair cut in barber shops before. However I hadn’t got my shit together and my guy wasn’t available today to give me a cut so I popped into another place.

“Hello, would you cut my hair?” (gestures to head)

“No sorry we don’t do ladies”

“But I have grade 4 short back and sides”

“Nope, next door is the ladies place”

(I should explain that next door is perhaps a related business doing ladies cuts where I’d almost certainly get charged £30 for what they were asking blokes £10 for.)

WELL. I left pretty pissed off. I don’t want to go to a “ladies” place where they will wash / blow dry my hair. I don’t want to pay twice the price to have a simple hair cut just because I have a fucking uterus.

The National Hairdressers Association says I was discriminated against and how I was treated was illegal: Cut out inequality at your barbershop - National Hair & Beauty Federation

I’m pretty fucked off about the whole thing. I’m tempted to leave a shitty Google review for them or perhaps post on a local Facebook group to call them out, but I don’t want to be an arsehole about it. Perhaps I have to be an arsehole about it?


Don’t EVER feel bad about calling out sexists. If there’s an arsehole in this scenario, it’s not you.

If they don’t want negative reviews then it’s on them not to do things that warrant negative reviews